Philips Collective Employment Agreement 2018

Philips Collective Employment Agreement 2018: What You Need to Know

The Philips Collective Employment Agreement (CEA) is an agreement between Philips and its employees that outlines the terms and conditions of their employment. The CEA covers a wide range of topics, including compensation, benefits, working hours, and employee rights. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Philips CEA for 2018 and what it means for employees.

Key Highlights of the Philips CEA 2018

The Philips CEA for 2018 was signed on January 25, 2018, and covers a three-year period from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2020. Here are some of the most important highlights of the agreement:

1. Salary Increases: The CEA provides for a salary increase of 1.5% for all employees in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, the salary increase will be negotiated based on the performance of the company.

2. Employee Benefits: The CEA provides for a number of employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and vacation time. The agreement also includes a provision for paid parental leave, which allows employees to take time off to care for their newborn or newly adopted child.

3. Working Hours: The CEA provides for a maximum of 40 hours of work per week. However, the agreement also allows for flexibility in working hours, including the ability to work remotely.

4. Employee Rights: The CEA provides for a number of employee rights, including the right to join a union and the right to be free from discrimination or harassment.

Implications for Employees

The Philips CEA for 2018 provides a number of benefits and protections for employees. The salary increases, employee benefits, and paid parental leave are all important benefits that can help employees improve their financial stability and work-life balance. Additionally, the maximum working hours and flexibility in working arrangements can help employees manage their work and personal lives more effectively.

The employee rights provided in the CEA are also important, as they protect employees from discrimination and harassment while at work. Moreover, the right to join a union gives employees a collective voice to negotiate better terms and working conditions with their employer.

In conclusion, the Philips CEA for 2018 provides a comprehensive agreement that benefits both Philips and its employees. With the salary increases, employee benefits, and employee rights provided, employees can feel more secure in their employment and work towards a better future.